Hi, my name is Paul and I – like you or perhaps your friend or loved one – suffer from endogenous depression. For a very long time this went entirely undiagnosed and untreated, partially because I grew up in an environment that stigmatizes depressive disorders and partially because it’s incredibly difficult to tell that something is out of the norm when you have no baseline to compare against. I would often wonder why other people could be cheerful for no reason and why I needed to be alone for so much of the time when others thrived on social interaction. I’ve tried pharmaceutical treatments and although they did help for a while, I wasn’t comfortable with being on pills for the rest of my life and didn’t enjoy the side effects. I’m working on behavioural modification and cognitive therapies now and am, so far, having enough success to be moderately encouraged.

If you’re wondering why I started this website, read why I started ‘Endogenous Depression Help’